Greens without Compromise

We are building Sweden's first decentralized network of indoor farms to supply

the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable greens in Scandinavia


The greens you love, now locally grown & pesticide free

Our products are soon coming inside fully equipped fridges to your closest stores. In the meantime, you can visit some of our pilot stores to purchase our delicious greens sustainably grown without pesticides, herbicides and none of that nonsense. Shorter distance, full of taste and nutrition.

Curious about how we do it? It's not rocket science...

We select the best seeds based on quality, performance, yield and taste

We take great care and make sure that they receive the right amount of light, nutrition and airflow

We grow in underground locations around the city to always provide the freshest produce to your closest store


Do you share our passion for food, sustainability and you are ready to jump on a new adventure?


Find out more about the team behind UrbanOasis and see if your profile would fit with the positions we are looking to fill in. 


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Lasse Kopiez


Albert Payaro

 Founder & CEO


UrbanOasis AB

Sjöviksvägen 88, Liljeholmen

11757 Stockholm

08- 30 75 30